Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this site secured?

No, my site is not secured.  But it doesn't need to be.  There is no personal info on these pages.  However, if you select to purchase a picture, you are directed to a secured Paypal web site.  Paypal does have the required security on their website to protect your information.

Is shipping included in the price?

No, shipping is not included.  The charge for S&H is $5.95.  Expect delivery within 2 to 4 weeks within the United States.

Can I return the picture if not satisfied

No, all pictures are printed on quality glossy paper specifically per your order.  Please review your order and the picture selected before purchasing.

Are there other custom picture selections to choose from like the beach scene?

Not yet.  But we are working on several ideas and hopefully very soon they will be available for sale.

Do you have other pictures to sell?

Yes. actually I do have other digital artistic pictures to sell.  They include landscapes, sunsets, location pictures and more.  They are now under the menu item, "Images for Sale".  Note that images displayed on this web site are at a low resolution.  However, they will be printed at the maximum resolution on glossy quality paper.

Do I need a frame?

Yes, you will need a frame.  You have 2 choices.  You can purchase an 8 x 10 inch frame that fits an 8x10 inch pic OR you can purchase a matted 11 x 14 inch frame that fits the 8x10 pic.

Do I need to pay PA sales tax?

No, the PA sales tax is already calculated in the price.