iPhone Apps


Keep in the air

combine utilities

Sites (user ids and passwords)

Bump it out


Private Phone Dialer
Private Phone Dialer


Please check out these six iPhone apps.  The first 5 are free! Go to iTunes and search on "Yourimageforever".  You will see all 6 iPhone apps.

Sites allows you to store usernames and passwords.

Pinochle Scoring allow you to automatically keep score when playing Pinochle.

CombineUtilities provides several functions such as mortgage calculator.

Keep in the air is a great addictive game.  You need to keep the red bar up in the air.  You do that by clicking on the screen that shoots balls at the red bar.  Truly an addictive game.  Keep playing to beat your time.

Bump it out is another great game.  Red bars come streaming down and you need to click on the screen shooting balls at the red bars to bump them off the screen.

Private Phone Dialer stores private phone numbers ($1.99).  Don't want names and phone numbers stored in your contact list (away from snoopy eyes).  This app not only stores the name and phone but allows you to text or dial the number.